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Taka requested:
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Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!

Congrats on getting a P-car. I guess now you better join PCA and take
the red bomber to the track. :-)

I looooove those cars, we need driving impressions, big time. 

Get one of your partners in crime to recreate that famous Porsche ad,
where the 930 is airborne, shot from a very low
angle from behind, makes the car look like it's 5 feet in the air and
all 4 wheels are hanging down under those lovely fenders. 

Nice score on getting one w/ sport seats- rare option, I think.

I hope you hook up with one of the good tuners for that car- bigger
turbo isn't necessarily better with them, considering you're already
starting with a K27. 

Can we get a gratuitous rear quarter shot with the fenders and those
wide Fuchs with massive lip?

Sorry for the delay Taka, been crazybusy here lately.  Plus I felt it
best to get a few tanks of fuel through my right foot before I provided
any impressions.  Got it reg'd / insured last Fri. finally and have been
commuting in it all week.  

The reality sorta took some time to settle in.  It all happened so fast
I wasn't really prepared to be excited.  I mean, I was, but was sort of
numb by the shock I guess.  Couple tanks of gas later, and I'm over the
"red" factor, and the "would rather have a 993" thoughts I initially

The reality of what a 930 is, is finally hitting me.  Such a significant
car, last of a breed, pure, raw, visceral.  None of the newer P's I've
driven feel / smell / go the way this thing does.  I'm sure a 996tt
would knock the pants off it - who cares.  996s are like driving
Germanobuicks 8-).
Rear flares are one thing, but fronts too?  Color me ignorant, but I had
no idea they were flared.  And they are, massively.  Not as massive as
the rears but ohsonice.  How the F did I never know this I dunno.
I'm getting accustomed to the power band. Lag / 4spd aside...  it's
REALLY not that bad once you acclimate.  The owner's manual is great,
not only complete with tq / hp power curve graphs (vertical like a
ladder!), but also gear charts!  1st is good for near 60, 2nd for near
100, 3rd for like 135, says top is 157, 60 in 5.5, and 1/4 in 13.9 - in
2nd gear!

Steering input is phenomenal - telepathic comes to mine.  You can
modulate inputs of steer / throttle mid corner with easy and set the car
up precise.  I've been taking the ramps here near my office @ *quite*
JNR speeds - wow.  Brakes have tremendous feel, esp. considering their
era.  Better pedal response than my Big Reds on der UrS6, slightly more
wooden "feel", but overall more effective - and with ZERO dive, which
rules.  Clutch recently done with an HD unit (waiting on records for
specs), take up is just what you'd want - not too heavy not too light
not too long not too grabby...  just right.  Shifter has the "long
throw" shifter option heh heh heh, it's like rowing a canoe!  Kidding
aside, the gate makes for easy selection, positive engagement, just real
long throws which you need to be deliberate with as the synchros feel
old school.  Slight side to side shifter play once engaged but not as
bad as I expected.

SPORT SEATS FOR THE WIN!  Man, I arrived to get it that night and was
floored when I saw them - schaschaschwing!  I too wonder if they're
rare.  They envelope practically your entire f'n rib cage!  The
interior's in great shape, about 99.9% perfect.  Really nothing like the
sound of a 911 door unlatching / latching, for some bizarre reason.
Such a proper greeting for what you are about / just have embarked upon.
Things like HVAC and radio suck, obviously, but who cares.  I was also
psyched to see the OE Blaupunkt Reno still in place, bled out LCD and
crappy sound be damned.  I hate aftermarket radios in cars and hell, I
got all the tunes I need over my shoulder!  Man, the sounds the thing
makes, a symphonic cacophony of mechanical wonder all around you.  Just
trolling along, there's your proverbial boxer 6 whine.  Couple that with
some great gear whine from the 4spd, and then the turbo whine when you
get on it - then throw in the exhaust.  Heh, when it hits full boost
against a barrier with the window down, it sounds like it's tearing a
f'n hole in the f'n atmosphere.  Or like God hisself is hawking the
World's Larges LOOGY!  WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!  Like ripping apart ten
trillion phone books simultaneously.  Addictive!  Exhaust on decel is
full of burbleburbleburblePOPpopPOP heh heh heh... gutted cat!  NOICE!
Brian was behind me in the RS, came up next to me at a light and
exclamated "I can hear that thing over my car with my windows up!".

Full boost comes on at different rev's depending on gear.  1st is laggy,
as late as 4,400.  2nd like 4k, 3rd is good, like 3,400.  Cruising 4th @
80 is a HOOT...  stomp it and wham! 120!  Good stuff.  Full boost is
1bar, and the PO had a GReddy Profec B Spec II overboost controller
installed.  Problem is I found out the WG isn't opening (OH MY!) and the
fuel pumps were cutting out when boost hit 1.2bar - ooops.  Going back
to Musante who recently had done the install and WG rebuild when they
return from running @ Daytona next week - until then me right size 10
lifts as me watchful eye stays on the bar gauge - which buries QUICK.
Like I have to short shift most gears, at like 4,500.  Which has been
fun, actually 8-).

ANYwho, thanks for asking / listening / encouraging.  I'm still a bit
awestricken each morning I walk out into the garage.  I'm like - that's
mine???  Carazy, I know.  I think it's a K26 Taka; doubt I'll do too
much to it for awhile at least.  Likely lower it down to Euro stance,
maybe tint the windows lightly.  Always liked orange rear indicators,
maybe some day.  For now...

Here's some pics from the night I got it and then that Sat. when my
buddy came up with the RS to go out for some fun (more like FUN!  JNR!).
Funny, you requested the exact shots I took the night I got it home -
the ones where you want to stand behind it and violate the thing oh
yeah!  Great minds...
Enjoy!  Looking forward to the next GoF here, hopefully the streets will
be clear enough for some shenanigans...
-Paul not particularly right K.

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