[s-cars] NAC: Friday 930 impressions

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 2 15:05:22 PDT 2007

lemme tell you, when i got behind the wheel of that Z06 on the autox course, all thoughts of looks, refinement, build quality, sex appeal, etc. went out the window.  my first thought was "holy @$@# this thing is really freakin' fast!".  my next thought was to wonder if i was really a good enough driver for this car and if i might be in over my head.

the RSA, for me, doesn't produce the same kind of thrill.  no question that it is fun to drive and the sound of that engine is well worth the price of admission, but for me, the sheer speed of the Z06 overwhelms all that.

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Horn.  Funny you mention that Steve...  

I tooted as the RS and I parted ways at fork in the on ramp that Sat.
evening and he tooted back.  The new P horns are the suck!  ALL HORNS
should sound like these early P horns - hands down.  It sounds
fantastic, I find myself blurting it randomly as I troll down the road
it sounds so good.  Course I gots issues.

No Stebel here!  8-)  Too funny!!!  Remember that GP!?  Happerhorns,
heh heh...

Slope?  What slope?  I'm lucky enough to have the friggin thing - will
be finagling ways to pay for the 13.7qt oil changes at this point!!!
8-)  Mods will be waywaywaywayway down the road, if at all.

RSA...  Teddy tells me the chics would certainly like the RSA over the
Vette...  I told him color me a chic then in that case!  Outright power
be damned, RSA for the win!  Vette...  hmmm...  now where oh where did
put my moustache?  Chest hair?  Gold chain???  Heh heh heh...


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Let's see how slippery this slope can be...  <g>

Have you upgraded the horn yet Paulie?


On 11/2/07, Theodore Chen <tedebearp at yahoo.com> wrote:
> sounds sweet.  i'm giving the 911 RSA back to my friend this weekend,
as i need the garage space to work on my UrS4.  i would rather buy a C5
Z06, because the car guy in me insists on a faster car for the money.
but i have to admit i'm going to miss that 911 RSA, and the sound of a
porsche flat-six at full cry right behind me is something i won't
> if i had a 930 turbo, i'd be looking to put in a ball-bearing turbo
some sort - not necessarily going bigger on the turbo sizing, but the
improvement in the low and midrange is well worth the swap, judging
my experience with the UrS4.
> -teddy

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