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Tue Nov 6 10:09:21 PST 2007

As one that's been on safety committees, I am an advocate of pro-active  
safety on tracks.  The alternative is, no non-race cars on tracks.   The ban is a 
single accident away, IMO.  I applaud BMW and some P  Events in leading the 
way, not only on tinted windows, but convertibles and  other safety issues as 
well.  When you think a stage 1 chip is where  Stig and Walter were in HP with 
the groupe B cars, and similarly, it really  shows how the machines have become 
faster than the drivers are good.  
The future of non race events really centers around pro-actively addressing  
safety before retro-actively needing to do so.  I see tinted windows the  same 
as I see the Convertible Rule, it's easy to say no to 1 person, than risk  an 
event/s for all.  Athough I've made the 'call' as a Safety Steward and  
Event-master, I really think it's not the responsibility of the tech inspectors  to 
go beyond saying, if it's not stock, it has to conform to some already  
established motorsport rule.  Ala, Convertibles are fine if cage is  constructed 
like FIA convertible, Roll bars are either stock or conform to SCCA  roadracing 
rules, and any rule not explicity stated (i.e. tinted windows) is  
specifically not allowed.
I predict all this is coming to a track event near you Paulie.  For my  
personal cars, a little tint can be a real head-turner.  For my track cars,  I 
expect a Safety Steward to be a head-shaker on the idea.
BTW, one of my best rides at RA was driving a fellow listers 79 911T into  
turn 1, and feeling Lucifer tapping my shoulder regarding the famous 911 'don't  
lift rule' into turn 1.  Putting one's foot back to the floor on a laggy  off 
gear k27, made for the longest 10 second turn of my life.
Scott J
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With so  many tracks requiring windows to be rolled down during the event, I
can't  imagine tint would be much of an issue.
[s-cars] NAC: Friday 930  impressions
Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 05:31:11 PST  2007

I gotta second Mark's recommendation- if you plan on doing track  events, do
not tint the windows.

It's too hard to see point-bys with  tinted windows. Some BMWCCA chapters
expressly forbid tinted windows for  track events.

If you want it for the heat rejection, get Huper Optik at  about 50-60%-
still rejects a ton of IR and doesn't look  tinted.

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