[s-cars] 1995.5 S6 subframe bushing part numbers anyone?

Mike Fitton rfitton at vt.edu
Wed Nov 7 11:28:47 PST 2007

Here's the skinny...

Front subframe:
Front position: 4A0 399 415 B
Rear left position: 4A0 399 419 E
Rear right position: 4A0 399 420 E

You'll also want to replace all the bolts with that.  They're kind of 
hard to find generically, so pick em up at the dealer.
N 905 834 01 M12x1.5x105 (qty 2)
N 904 563 02 M12x1.5x150 (qty 2)
N 905 677 01 M10x40 (qty 6)
These last 6 bolts aren't hard to find dimensionally, but the special 
low-clearance head makes it difficult.  If you're not squeamish about 
increasing the tensile/yield strengths, you can get them in socket cap 
form which is usually a class 12.9 (stock is 10.9).  Otherwise take that 
p/n to a dealer.  Expect to pay around $20-25 at a dealer for a full set 
of 10 bolts.

Rear subframe:
Good luck.  For urS4/6 the bushings aren't available separately from the 
entire crossmember which I'm sure is several digits of dollars.  Let's 
talk about the 91 200Q.  In the ETKA, the bushings are pictured 
separately from the crossmember, but no p/n is available.  I heard that 
Impex or Blau or someone had some loose, but I never verified whether 
they were interchangeable with C4 stuff.  The best solution is to get in 
touch with Jason Petek (good luck with that too) and get some 
aftermarket bushings.  He sells them for the front as well.  They're the 
cat's pajamas.


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