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Hey, try living in Chicago, where 90% of the parking is parallel!   Having a 
94 Landcruiser, I find it exponentially easier to park a shoebox than  an 
egg...  In fact, having traded 'Res-q' for a fellow listers 95 S6, I'd  take the 
box anyday.  I think the issue is the habit...  IME, you park  the boxes by 
using the side mirrors, not the rear view or turning your head  around.  I say, 
if my wife can do it without the 'parking by braille  method' it's possible.  
In fact, she appeared to have more problems pulling  into a spot in front of my 
truck with her v8, which found my TJM bullbar tends  to not give much when 
swiped by a v8 rear tire arch.
What LeeR has also found, is that having fun with a landcruiser with a  
supercharger will kill dynosaurs at an alarming rate.  That said, he will  soon 
find out, it's really no worse than horsing a RS2 S car.  And just  like an RS2 S 
car, keep your foot lighter, the rate of fuel evap is less  too.
I really don't think parking a burban or any other box is really the  issue.  
In fact, here in Chicago, you get a lot of practice threading that  parking 
needle.  The folks that park by braille, are usually driving the  small cars, 
I've chuckled many times watching these wee-bits trying to fit into  a spot 
shorter than the car.  So much so in my own 'hood, that I installed  a recovery 
loop into my hitch to protect what's left of the paint on my class  III.
These boxes cannot be replaced by an S-car wagon, when it's time to haul  
screeming ghouls at halloween, or towing toys or broken q's, or LT1 engines, and  
S car parts....  And in my case specifically, many thanks abounded for the  
soft touch extraction from Steamboat's snowbanks vs the infamous encounter with 
 BWDS 'Big Dog' F250 diesel plow truck, which is known to carry an extreme  
prejudice to task....
My .02
Scott J
94 Landcruiser Supercharged Res-q
91 v8
A few type 85's...
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Lee  rented (and hopefully JNR / jumped / threw into park whilst rolling
/ etc.  obligatoriliy):

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This  one *does* have parking sensors. How much do you trust them when 
pulling  out at an angle? This thing is so big that it really takes a 
couple of  spotters to get out of tight spots.

I just can't imagine a soccer mom,  on the phone, being able to 
navigate this  thing.


They CAN'T navigate those things,  Lee...  just go have a looksee at the
lower right corner of just about  each and every SUV on the road -
minivans no exception (and sometimes  moreso).  You'll more often than
not find the tell tale "park by feel"  tattoo / crunchmark.  Nice.



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