[s-cars] Subject: POLE: wonderful dilema, S4 or Ultrasport?

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Actually, on a more serious note, what about an A6 3.0 Avant with one of the
PES superchargers.


> 300HP for $5200 including new injectors and ECU.

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Subject: [s-cars] Subject: POLE: wonderful dilema, S4 or Ultrasport?

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> The accountant in me says I should pick up a good condition low mileage A6
> Avant for cheap but it is too plain Jane/honda accord boring compared to
> other choices.

Are there no interesting mods for an A6 3.0? I mean, tint the windows (super
dark), lower it, and does MTM make a chip for it? Better exhaust, I'm sure
you could do that? A few nice tweaks to make it drive better, look different
and you might be in business.

'95 S6 Avant
'75 911 S "Stinky"

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