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Tile might not be bad, but for durability it would have to be 100% supported.? I've done a ton of tile work ... and when you take up an old tile, it is easy to see that they are rarely well supported... meaning that the mortar visibly only establishes good contact with about 75% of the tile.

I'd hate to go to that effort, only to destroy a tile dropping a wrench on it.

The product I was looking at was called ArmorUltra.? Cost for materials alone to finish 1000 square feet is over $1800 from them.



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I'm considering quartz tile because my garage needs work to be level and the concrete is old and stained- it will be easier to install the tile rather than fix the concrete the proper way. I can do a quick and dirty floor level if I'm laying down tile on top, I can't do that with epoxy as the surface needs to be perfect. 

It costs a lot more to do quartz, but there are no peeling/liftoff issues. The only thing I'm not 100% sure about is whether or not it's an issue to use jackstands with quartz tile.

The other thing to do is go to the local Porsche, Audi, BMW, MBZ dealer and ask the service manager what was used for the garage floor- the really good industrial epoxy stuff is very expensive but that's what they use because it's the only stuff that holds up to hard use. 


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OK... well I'm at the stage where I'm deciding on a floor finish for my soon to be complete "dream car garage."? I've been looking around for the right product.? It seems to be a generally accepted principle that epoxies with 100% solids is the way to go.? However, what I'm not seeing are any products with name brands associated with them like one might expect. 

So I'm wondering... anyone have knowledge or experience in this area?? Any products to recommend?? This will be an install over new concrete.

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