[s-cars] 1995 A6 Experience?

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Thanks, Lee.  Were all of those automatics?

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We've owned 3, a '96 that we bought with 40K, and which now has 
north of 140K, a '97 that we bought recently with 140K, and a '95 
that I had briefly.

They're solid cars, less complicated than the urS. They do have 
their share of minor issues, but if she has a good mechanic, she 
shouldn't hesitate.

Last year, for instance, we spent less than $150 maintaining the 
'96...drove it 15K miles...it just didn't need *anything*.

When my son was looking for a car, we *only* looked at C4 A6s.

As the B5 A4s continue to come down in price, they're probably 
worth looking at too. I think they're slightly less reliable than 
the C4 A6...just a bit more quirky (random CELs, for instance).

I recently bought a B5 A4 with 110K, and I think I've finished 
sorting it. Nice car, more fun to drive than the C4 A6, but a bit 
smaller and less luxurious. Less comfortable as a highway driver, 
but also a bit more peppy and better on gas (my A4 is a 1.8T with 
a stick).



On Mon Nov 12 19:06:28 PST 2007, calvinlc at earthlink.net wrote:

> I have a niece who is looking at a 1995 or 1996, I forget, A6 
> with 144k
> miles on it for $3500.  It is an automatic quattro.  Anybody have 
> any
> experience with these cars?  Is it a torsen diff in the auto 
> version back
> then?  Are there any reliability problems with the auto tranny?  
> Any gotchas
> that are different than the UrS cars?  Thanks!
> --Calvin
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