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Yes... I've always done mostly mixed city/highway driving.? Mine is big power/big turbo?too.? However, fuel mileage on mine has always hovered around the typical I-5 turbo figure... 20-23mpg depending on the right foot.


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I am afraid your gonna have to quantify the "poor" mileage you have said.
I find I get rather crappy fuel economy, but I have a 450 HP big turbo 
engine that I drive only rarely. So when I actually drive it, I am usually 
into the throttle rather good. Do you drive lots of city ? City can be hard 
on mileage in these cars simply because they like to go, and most of us like 
to let them go.
So, be specific as to what mileage you are getting, and when / where it is 
that your getting that mileage.

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>I have had my S4 for about six months now and I am enjoying it , I came 
>form a V8  so it is quite different and I have a few questions which I 
>could not find answers to in the archive. First I have changed the plugs 
>and air ,fuel filter but my mileage continues to be poor at least compared 
>to what I got driving the car home. What kind of mileage should I expect ? 
>Is there anything else I am  missing which could adversely affect my MPG? I 
>live in California and I just passed smog with really good emissions test 
>so... not sure what to do next. Second the car since I got it has become 
>very sloppy in the front end it now has 123,000 miles, What all should be 
>replaced in the front end ,control arms ,sway bar bushings, tie rods 
>anything else? I will replace the struts at the same time any tips? My last 
>question is what are the differences between the quattro system in the S4 
>and the V8. Many Thanks George
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