[s-cars] The "myth" of plugs blowing out of 20vt heads.

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Wed Nov 14 07:09:24 PST 2007

Obviously, it happens.? On the other hand, with all the failures of those Bosch plugs, I can't imagine ever running those again.? I have switched my Audis to the NGKs and have no issues since.

Seems like the Bosch plugs just fall apart these days.


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I am having trouble convincing the "kids" on AudiWorld (at my age, just about 
everyone there is a "kid")
?that the AAN 20vt spark plugs (F5DP0R Bosch) have and will blow out of the head 
if they aren't properly torqued? (22 lb ft, 30 Nm) initially and then checked 
periodically.? I know its true because two local
?Vancouver UrS car? owners have had it happen to them.? However, I am looking 
for more proof, including
?any photos of the stripped threads, damaged coils, etc.? Any chance somebody 
has such photos? If so,
?send them to my? home email forgied at shaw dot ca.

Thanks in advance.

Dave F.

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