[s-cars] re S4 mpg

George Verbryck georgeverbryck at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 14 09:12:40 PST 2007

Sorry the car in question is a 1993 S4 , thanks for all the responses. Seems like maybe my mileage is not that much off of normal . Its just that when I bought this car in Salt Lake City and drove it home to California over about 1300-1400 miles I consistently got 375+ miles per tank and now I am getting maybe 280 miles to the tank still almost all highway driving around 80mph. 100 miles difference seems pretty large to me so thought I would ask. Having had a V8 previously I am no stranger to poor mileage I just thought it would somehow be better in the S4. :(
Now I saw the most recent post about the spark plug 22 ftlb of torque and realize I did not do this when I installed my plugs it is best to just check them or take them out and reinstall them? I do not want to rebuild my head ! Thanks George

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