[s-cars] AAN Spark Plug Back-out, and lions and tigers and bears - OH MY!

pkrasusky at ups.com pkrasusky at ups.com
Thu Nov 15 06:15:00 PST 2007

Scotty antiantiseized and torqued:

<<<In my 25 years with vw/audis, I have always used M. Gerners method
for the 4v/5v motors.  However, even in the old two valve motors using
torque to yield method,  I still find plugs backing out of the head,
the latest 
on a tune up of my kids 86 CGT.  I do not go for antisieze as  that
changes the 
conductivity of the plug.  I also don't use oil  either.
Turbo motors are more prone to this problem, and IMO, I really think the

issue is the aluminum threads, steel threaded s-plugs with a massive
heat range,  
combined with massive aluminum head heat cycles.  Interesting  too, on
the heads I've done steel thread insert repairs on, the  problem goes
For high boosted motors that I don't see regularly for maintenance, I
and teach folks how to use a torque wrench and use it the week after a
event, or every few months.  Amazing the calls I get with the
excitement of 
finding a roque loose plug...
My .02
Scott J>>>

Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat...  I friggin' JUST did Alumibitch's plugs
***LAST NIGHT*** (well, Mark Besso did as he had some bizarre spate of
this something or other thingy called "motivation", which I do not
possess in abundance).  

Antiseized them all, torqued ONCE to 22.  

Argh I'm dooooooooooooomed!

Heh heh.  Kidding aside, I'd go back in there and redo the f'ers...  but
f'n Audi...  it's 20 LONG bolts to yank all 8 coils and the 2 cover clip
bars and 8 Phillips 1/4 twists and intake hose removal to get in there.
OKOKOK, I did do some of the work last night - as fun as it is watching
others wrestle wrenches under your hood (suckers).

Rollin' the dice here then I guess.  Too f'n funny on the timing of this


LONG LIVE DEAD HORSES!  Neighhhhhhhhhh!  Hahahahahahaaaa this slays me
about this List.

Thanks for the info Scotty.  "Next time" I'm "in there" (never?) I will
def. heed your sound advise (seriously).  If only I'd read this yest.
Que sera...

Good news is the 112k plugs (no idea if orig. or not, inclined to think
so) looked spectacular.  I yanked them as I figured it couldn't hurt and
who knew their age / condition.  Clean even burning on all 8.  Changing
8 plugs sucks btw!  Picture a twinplug 6 or a 12'er - PASS!

Also swapped out my hissing PCV atop the intake, took all of 14 seconds
for the $110 part.  Cracked the sucker open, ewwwwwww do those get nasty
inside.  And, hmmm, go figure - oil and rubber don't like e/o.  The
orange rubber diaphragm was MISSING A 1" section!  Er uh um...  gee
WHERE'D *that* go???  D'oh!  Munchamunchamuncha YUM!
Couldashouldawoulda done it sooner yes.  Naaaa...

-Paul JNR plugs / JNR torque / JNR PCV motormunchies K.

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