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if you're worried about rusty rotors, just about any brake pad will do fine to clean the surface rust off the rotors in a few miles of driving.

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Well, Speaking of brakes...
A quick little search of this web site reveals lots of choices.


I need a pad that will be very abrasive on the rotors.
My car sits way too much and the rotors really rust up something
Either I get pads that will clean the rotors up in short order, or I
 get a 
brake machine.
Both sound usable, the first sounds easier :-)

I look forward to the list suggestion son the pads to choose from


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> Like that weird guy down at the bar, I feel the urge to tell everyone
> who'll listen how great my Ferodo DS2500 pads are.
> I first heard about them from an SCC article a couple years ago when
> Evo/STI first came out.  They put the pads on those cars and drove
> full tilt down some mountain.  There were pictures of the brakes on
> and the cars were still stopping admirably.  Sounded like the pad for
> Mike.
> So when I installed the 928GTS brakes on my urS6, I felt the time was
> right.  3800 lbs and 300bhp puts a lot of demand on the pads.  So I
> installed them back in March or so and didn't check them until today
> when I switched to winter wheels.  They work perfectly when cold and
> they also work perfectly after 45 minutes of hard driving on one of
> best roads southwest Virginia has to offer.  Don't think I ever set
> on fire, but it sounds like they still work fine then too.
> They dust an awful lot, so I was expecting to find my pads about half
> spent.  That's fine, because I think I cheaped out on the rotors and
> they're starting to get a little twisted (the $180 pair of 323x30
> Zimmermans).  So I was planning on replacing the rotors with
> better, or at least something more expensive, along with some new
> in another six months or so.  But what do I find this unseasonably
> afternoon as I'm switching to snow tires?  The pad depth looks like
> they're brand new.
> How refreshing is that?  They work when they're cold.  They work when
> they're hot.  They work when they're on fire.  And they're durable as
> hell.  Back in my A-chassis days, it was 2600 lbs, 200bhp, and EBC
> Greens that lasted about 9 months and faded hard on track.  I'm in
> completely absurd position of having to machine down my pads in order
> replace my rotors.  I feel like I bought a wear item that will
 outlast a
> good chunk of the car itself.  They're the kind of thing that makes
> happy about modern materials engineering.
> So buy them whenever you can.  You won't regret it.
> has decent prices.
> -Cheers!
> Mike
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