[s-cars] Epoxy garage floor finishing (NAC)

joeyoder at completegarage.com joeyoder at completegarage.com
Mon Nov 12 15:01:25 PST 2007

There are some pretty good kits.  "Coat-It" has a pretty good reputation.
I'm not big on any DIY kit because they are so dependent on prep.  Like
almost anything--prep is the key.  

The problem with DIY floors is the failure risk is so costly.  If it fails
(peels), then the fix is expensive and problematic.  You have to grind it
all off, not just the bad spot, and that's about $1 per foot ($400 for a
typical 2-car garage, $600 for a 3) and it puts a bunch of dust in the air
and it coats everything.  If you can live with some spots that have peeled,
then the DIY kits are ok.  

I also don't like them because they are slick.  They don't have any texture
and are as slick as ice when wet.  There ain't no bounce to concrete.  

If you don't get good, professionally-installed and warranted epoxy, don't
do anything.  


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To say you've provided a plethora of information would put it mildly!
Thanks for your input, I'm sure it will prove to be helpful for Dave.

If Dave is in a location that you couldn't service, or wants
to go the DIY route, are there any "kits" or brands on the market
that you sell or would recommend he investigate?

Thanks again

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