[s-cars] Strange issue - Fuel Pump?

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Most listers don't believe me but bubbling in the tank is absolutely a form of vapor lock, and the bubbles are being pumped back into the tank. The main reason this is on the rise is oxygenated fuels. Can you say _lower boiling point_? When Colorado went to oxy fuel in the winter, I would have vapor lock in winter and not summer. Then they went year round and I had to find a work around.
I now manually run my pump to clear the lines and have no problems. This is however on my URQ and not my AAN. But the cause and symptoms are the same.

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Lately I've been experiencing something that may be somewhat related.
Under the same conditions (car sitting for 15-45 minutes) I will hear a
gurgling sound from the fuel tank for ~30 seconds, then clears up.  It
doesn't happen from a dead cold start, or after an immediate (within a
couple of minutes) restart.  Level of fuel doesn't affect it.

But I haven't had any power related issues with it.  My first thought is
that it's vapors in the return line that I'm hearing bubbling back into
the tank, but haven't given it much more thought to see if that makes
sense.    Maybe the check valve is leaking.  Who knows.  Did you notice
anything like this before your problem started?


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> Hi all,
> My 95.5 S6 Avant has been exhibiting some strange behavior 
> lately, I am
> wondering if it might be the fuel pump getting close to it's last..
> Right after starting up, and only if it's been sitting for 
> 10-15 minutes
> (cold, after shopping, etc, but not after just jumping out 
> for a minute)
> there is a span of maybe 20-30 seconds with no power.. The 
> engine won't even
> rev past 3000-3500 (with no power either, no boost or 
> anything), then after
> that 20-30 seconds it's fine.  Thoughts?  I was thinking 
> maybe the fuel
> pressure is taking a while to build or something.  After this 
> period, it's
> fine.  I think I remember someone having the same problem 
> recently.  FYI, if
> I start it and let it run for a couple of minute before 
> taking off, the
> problem doesn't appear...
> Fuel Pump?
> No engine mods except 1.8T coils
> Thanks for your help.
> James Shackelford
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