[s-cars] S4 brake issue

Ken Hartley Ken at hartleys.net
Tue Nov 20 14:37:47 PST 2007


Got the cylinder head back on the S4, took a while but I replaced every single potential wear part while doing it. New water pump, idler pulley, crank gear ( its keyway was missing ) and on the first few cranks she purred to life. Took about 15 min for the lifters to calm down, then all is well.

Here is my question, my " bomb " was marginal before the car hibernated, I was at about 4 pedal pushes, NOW the light is on constantly, and there is a pulsation felt with light pedal pressure, and occasionally the brakes are just gone, as if the car were not running at all.  I need a source for rebuilding this one, or a good used one, or could it be the valve going to it? Could a few months of sitting kill a bomb? Can they be reawakened? Thoughts?

Incidentally, all the bizarre electrical gremlins with the power windows, locking spontaniously, and the mystery relay at the drivers feet clicking for days when the car is off, have vanished, although I came no where NEAR the interior, nor the grounds of the car, except of course the 4 small browns at the back of the fuel rail....

Thank you!
Kenneth Hartley
1993 S4 pearl
Ken at hartleys.net

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