[s-cars] Thankful for lots, except failed front springs.. NTB

brian hoeft qweblog at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 06:01:31 PST 2007

good morning fellow listers,

With a still full belly from yesterdays festivities, I am writing
in NeedToBuy of front springs..

I *had* only cracked front springs and now I *have* one collapsed front

I have been waiting for close to 6 months for suspension components from a
source going through understandable issues but I can no longer wait.  My
inspection expired the end of June and now my ursula is unsafe to drive.

The springs are H&R sport so a lowering spring would be nice but if I have
to go stock I will consider it.  I just dont want to buy new stuff when my
really expensive new stuff is supposedly a month away..

I only need front springs but if help can only be given for sale of a set, I
havent ruled that out.

help is appreciated, thanks, brian

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