[s-cars] funny sighting

pkrasusky at ups.com pkrasusky at ups.com
Thu Nov 29 06:38:28 PST 2007

Soooo, are "you" "here", I wonder?

I was at a bud's last night for some beeahs and an RS6 poke in the
whiskers (JNR / muwhahaa / more to follow), and we followed up my rhomp
with his turn in the 930.  We're trolling a mile from his house,
watching oil temps rise, when as a passenger I see in the mirror them
thar telltale over/under heads and fogs at the stop sign behind us.  

I comment, hmmm, C4 of some sort behind us.  Temps are nearly up, he
scorches through 1st and 2nd and notes "hmm, he's not doing too bad back
there".  We go through a stop, same 1-2 burn, and grab a tight right and
I look over my shoulder for a glance.  Lowered //S4 with wheels.

That's gotta be Rich A. or Scott S., I figure, they both live within
miles away and, hmmm, he's also taking the turn down this desolate not
otherwise traveled road.  Gotta be.

He tears up 1st and 2nd again and I say, what the hey, pull over, let's
see.  Maybe Rich / Scott will join us for a beer.

C4 pulls alongside, we both roll windows down.  Its...

NOT Rich.  Its...

NOT Scott!  Its...

...nobody I know!  Sorta thrown for a curve, I say nice //S4.  He says
"cool car, did you have it floored?".  Brian notes we were still raising
oil temps, he says oh that's cool see you later, and he's off before I
could muster more intelligible dialogue (hard for me sometimes ya know).

Whattathe odds of that?  Just weird.  Wonder who it was?  Larger fellow
and his darker passenger was all I could make out.  Looked like some MBZ
replica wheels on a green or black UrS4, OE exhaust.

Go figure.

-Paul seein things K.

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