[s-cars] Another CT siting (europa s6 avant)

pkrasusky at ups.com pkrasusky at ups.com
Fri Nov 30 06:37:13 PST 2007

//Scott //Sighted:

<<<So this morning on the way to work I actually got a wave from a B6 S4
guy. I'm thinking pretty cool, most (not all) newer S4 owners consider
our cars junk so I was pretty happy. Then I cruise down a couple more
miles on 85 and I'm almost in Hebron when I see the grill/badge off in
the distance. Wow, I never see ur-s's unless it's intentional meet up.
Oooo, Oooo it's a avant...and it's europa blue....mmmmm nice. Also got a
wave from the drive, great Audi karma day indeed. So, blue avant guy,
you here? Just sayin hi. -Scott >>>

That's Chris Hemberger.  He's posts here from time to time but not
often, met him @ the '05 East Hartford gathering, lives all like 0.5
miles from my brother oddly enough.  It's got the uberawesome LIME GREEN
pinstripe option - er - tho "pin" is more like "FAT".  He got it that
way unfortunately.  The PO either was into yachting or had a sense of
humor...  I hope.

Cars' pretty clean, stock, and he scored it for a song out of NYC.

"Blue Avant Guy" is better than "larger / darker guys" heh heh.


ps. the B5 guy was flippin you the bird btw...

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