[s-cars] NAC - Concrete Expansion Joint Filler/Repair

Mark Pollan mark.pollan at verizonbusiness.com
Mon Oct 1 05:31:58 PDT 2007

Good day broad base of knowledge.


So.yesterday I spent about 4 hours scraping and cleaning with compressed all
of the cracks and expansion joints on my patio and now I need to fill them
in.  They vary in size from 1/8" thick to 1" thick and nearly 8 inches deep.
The big ones are the ones between the slab and the house and are of the
greatest concern to me.  I have considered foam backer rod and caulk, sand
as a backer and caulk, and expanding foam sealant followed by caulk.  I
found some interesting two part epoxy joint repair/sealers on the web but
have no experience with these products.  I'm letting everything air out and
dry a bit as no rain is forecast in my area for then net 10 days.  Any
advice would be greatly welcome.



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