[s-cars] UrS4 brake hardware question

RM waves at comcast.net
Wed Oct 3 06:52:59 PDT 2007

Time to replace all the brakes on my 94 S4 and i don't want to make the same mistake i did before. I don't want to upgrade to larger rotors/calipers etc. The cost is one factor and the fact that this is largely my winter car (not too worried about overheating my brakes) are the main reasons. I had previously bought a full kit from a supplier of this list and just wasn't happy. It included upgraded pads (can't rem. the exact name) cross drilled and slotted fronts, drilled rears and SS hoses all around. I didn't get much more stopping performance than what came off and gradually the brakes have gone away to the point where i'm simply concerned with stopping in an emergency situation. I've removed the rotors and recut them, scuffed the pads, and that helped a bit. The pads still have lots of life left, but i'm fed up with them. I was thinking of going back to simple stock brembos or maybe the ATE power slots, with Hawk HP race or HP street pads. I've used these pads on some previous c
ars with very good results. The race pads make allot of noise and dust, but the stopping power was excellent. Just wondering in anyone has any other ideas along these lines? Thanks!


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