[s-cars] UrS4 brake hardware question

matt ludwig. urs6avant at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 07:13:52 PDT 2007

seriously? i have not ever heard this before. are you thinking of the  
setup that was effectively spec'd on the neuS4 here in the US as  
replacements for UFO-spec UrS4s? (someone help me with the name  


On Oct 3, 2007, at 10:10 AM, James Murray wrote:

>  Rolf, what about going to the larger European UrS4/S6 rotor? I  
> think it
> uses the same G60 caliper, per but you have a larger rotor diameter, I
> gather the bracket needs to be changed?(not sure the details). Perhaps
> this is an intermediate upgrade at a lower cost?
> I heard the Euro S4's had larger rotors, but never investigated the
> exact differences between the models. Perhaps someone will chime in...
> /Jamu.
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> Time to replace all the brakes on my 94 S4 and i don't want to make  
> the
> same mistake i did before. I don't want to upgrade to larger
> rotors/calipers etc. The cost is one factor and the fact that this is
> largely my winter car (not too worried about overheating my brakes)  
> are
> the main reasons. I had previously bought a full kit from a  
> supplier of
> this list and just wasn't happy. It included upgraded pads (can't rem.
> the exact name) cross drilled and slotted fronts, drilled rears and SS
> hoses all around. I didn't get much more stopping performance than  
> what
> came off and gradually the brakes have gone away to the point where  
> i'm
> simply concerned with stopping in an emergency situation. I've removed
> the rotors and recut them, scuffed the pads, and that helped a bit.  
> The
> pads still have lots of life left, but i'm fed up with them. I was
> thinking of going back to simple stock brembos or maybe the ATE power
> slots, with Hawk HP race or HP street pads. I've used these pads on  
> some
> prev  ious c ars with very good results. The race pads make allot of
> noise and dust, but the stopping power was excellent. Just  
> wondering in
> anyone has any other ideas along these lines? Thanks!
> Rolf
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