[s-cars] How many AAA ramp trucks does it take...

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Wed Oct 3 09:07:03 PDT 2007

It is frustrating when you seem to get little value out of the money  
spent for
memberships year after year.  This one did end well with the S6  
safely at
home.  Tow companies are not strong on customer relations IME.

My sedan was removed from the garage one night and the perps drove it
about 5 miles and removed the wheels (new BBS thief magnets), did a  
vandalism and abandoned the car in a vacant lot.  I was reporting the  
and garage break-in to the deputy in my driveway at 6 am when I got a  
that my car was behind a business sans wheels with papers strewn  
(Street person , not police.)

By the time I could gather 4 wheels and get there the tow truck had  
dragged the
car onto the flatbed with a winch (no dollies) while the police  
watched.  This did
more damage than the perps driving through neighbors bushes, taking  
etc.  18 year old adults identified and put on probation with nothing  
but leaf blower and tools from garage, and slightly bent, wheelless  
audi, leaving
me with this sick feeling and low opinion of all parties involved.  I  
still have some
traces of black fingerprint dust in the ecru carpet.

Perhaps with that stable you should own your own rollback-- I have  
it but don't have a parking spot available.


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> To tow my wife's S6 wagon with a broken tie rod????
> I'm on travel, I get a call from the Mrs who asks if its ok to drive
> the wagon < 1mile home with a broken passenger side front tie rod...
> Of course I say "no".
> She calls AAA, says that the car has a broken tie rod and needs a  
> ramp truck.
> 1st truck shows up, realizes quickly that the passenger front wheel
> is stuffed in the wheel well and the car won't budge (evidently the
> stuffed wheel means its also stuffed in gear or something like  
> that)...
> driver calls AAA dispatch...
> 2nd ramp truck shows up.....
> no dollies.
> At least he drives the wife and kids home...
> 2 hours after the first call she's STILL awaiting the car (having  
> it sent home)
> ARGH!!!
> -Peter (who's wife's car ALWAYS has issues when I'm gone (last 3 cars
> that she's driven!)
> -Peter Schulz
> Chelmsford Ma, USA
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