[s-cars] AC/ fan issue

james McCarthy jjssmccarthy at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 3 09:43:29 PDT 2007


So for the last 72 hours my AC intermittantly won't
come on. When I depress the snow flake the compressor
comes on briefly (2 seconds)then stops. However the
electric fan is not comming on at all.
So diagnostics:
1) Jumped the after run terminals - fan comes on.
2) Jumbed the temp sensor in the radiatior - fan comes
on both 2nd and 3rd speeds.
3) swapped the three fan relays with the avant - no
4) swapped the climate control head - no change.
Strangely this problem went away last night - multiple
short dirves no issues.  The problem has returned
again this am on first start up. While working the AC
was very cold and functioning properly -with the
electric fan running.

So I feel like the fans wiring is fine - and am now
pointing towards the AC compressor - switch or wiring
to the fan. Any BTDT or thoughts?

Any chance the ignition switch could cause this?


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