[s-cars] 95.5 S6 Avant - parting out will begin soon!

McCall, Randy rmccall at nexant.com
Wed Oct 3 10:02:05 PDT 2007


My rear-ended 95.5 S-6 Avant showed back up last night while I was
downtown dining and meeting with the local grape growers, so its time to
see who is looking for parts....

Patient is a rear ended, Green with black interior, 95.5 S6 Avant.
Stock motor with 115K on the clock.  Doors and windows all appear to be
fine and all regulators roll up and down, everything pretty much from
the front of the rear doors forward is in good condition (rear drivers
side window is also intact, passenger side is gone).  Front drivers seat
has a problem with the seat back - the motor does not move the seat back
either up or down now as a result of the accident - stuck at roughly 45
degrees.  Headliner is fine, and power sunroof works fine; no issues
with the controls either.  Seat heaters all worked last
spring...steering wheel and non-deployed air bag are also fine.  Stock
IC has no issues - all instruments worked, but I will probably steal the
2W bulbs for the new car.

Engine and tranny are in great shape - stock motor with 115K on the
clock, wide and hardened first gear on transmission, no issues with the
drivetrain for the car.  Motor fired right up today after refreshing the
battery a bit.  No leaks or drips from motor/tranny. 

The front bumper has had a small hit sometime with PO - a 2" crack in
the cover with some internal rivets popped, but otherwise in pretty
decent shape. Front sheet metal is in great condition though the paint
is not in perfect condition - hood has usual rock chips and it appears
someone resprayed the car stock color and it wasn't exactly the best
job. No peeling and shiny paint, but the paint is not the usual factory
smooth surface.  

I intend to swap the HID converted headlights out to my new 95.5 S6
Avant (stock ones will be available from the swap), and move some of the
new rubber parts over as well (replaced all hoses, motor mounts, etc
prior to the crash).  The motor has just been T-belted, and new CPS - no
issues with coils, POS, or etc.  Motor ran well with no issues prior to
crash and was stock without molestation of any kind.  Car has been west
coast/Rocky Mountain with no rusty stuff underneath.  Belly pan has a
couple missing pieces of hardware but is intact; exhaust (ie cat
shrouds) shows evidence of past excursion off road (car was originally
in Colorado - probably went x-country skiing at one time). Muff's and
cat's seemed to work fine though, and not rusted through.

I'm also keeping the concert HU and Phatbox and harness for same (they
both survived and work!), but stock Bose speakers still work as of this

Let me know if there is something on your wish lists and we can probably
work something out.  I will be putting the car in my woodshop/garage for
the winter, so I will be able to work on it indoors as the rainy season
really starts up here in Oregon...

Oh, I also have a BBK for the car including 928T black calipers, new A8
rotors, new RS2 brackets, and the necessary hardware for same. Only
thing I didn't have was the stainless steel lines. Was not installed
prior to crash, so all parts are in new condition.   The new S6 is
already similarly equipped, so this BBK available for the price I paid.



Randy McCall
503-364-9916 hm office
503-428-4331 cell
rmccall at nexant.com 

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