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Marc Swanson in NH adapts the one from the C4 A6 I believe.  Check out
the AudiWorld UrS forum.  His screenname is "a4kquattro".  He was
customizing the mounting plates for a small fee I believe.  


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Hi all-

	Just a quick introduction.  I am now the proud owner of a '95
S6, after loosing the transmission in my '91 200 20v.  I've been around
on the main Quattro list for a while, as well as the 200 20V list.  I
already recognize a lot of names here. Please bear with me when I ask a
lot of stupid questions about these cars.  :)  First impression, I
really like this car.

	So, I am having a hell of a time locating a trailer hitch for
this car, no one seems to make one.  For all my other Audi's, I have
always turned to Da'Lan, but it seems they have been bought out and no
longer make a hitch for the S6.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Or
am I stuck getting one fabricated?


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