[s-cars] UrS4 brake hardware question

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Allow me to clarify. No, I would never run full 'REAL' race pads on the 
street... ever. There is a difference between 'real' race pads and pads you 
can buy through tire rack and most other major suppliers. The pads i used on 
my 77 scirocco were full blown ceramic versions that cost upwards of $175 a 
set 10 years ago. I don't recall the exact model, but it was a PF brand. 
They actually worked very well from dead cold, better than a common street 
pad. With temps of course, they got better. Anyway, The Hawk HP + and EBC 
yellow are often marketed as an autocross pad. Obviously in an autocross you 
don't have the opportunity to warm pads like you do in a road race event 
where you have a warm-up lap. Therefor it is an acceptable pad for street 
use. FWIW, most of the current gen. of high-end PF race pads have a working 
temp range of 167degrees F and up. 167deg. is quickly obtainable within the 
first hard stop, though i wouldn't want to rely on them in an emergency. 
Anyway, I'm looking for an 'autocross' type pad, nothing more.


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Rolf was talking about full race pads. I take that to mean something like 
Pagid Orange, Pagid Yellow, Hawk Blue, Hawk HT-14, etc. None of those pads 
are suitable for street use.

As I clearly stated previously, EBC Yellowstuff and Hawk HP Plus are 
suitable for street use. Hawk HP Plus do squeal at times in cold weather, 
but I've never had any issues with them as of yet.

There are better pads for strictly street use, esp. if you like pads with a 
strong initial bite.


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