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One piece of advice learned the hard way when a car needs towing: never rely
on towing monkeys and leave the car alone with them.

Three weeks after putting my hands on the perfect CQ I have been looking for
for 18 month, I hit a deer. Of cource, the deer fall on the right side of
the hood, breaking the camshaft pulley and timing belt. I was a few miles on
my way back home from work (65 miles one way!) so I called a colleague and
friend to air out my frustration. She offered to pick me up, have a beer,
chill out, then think where I wanted my car towed. After a "few" beers, I
was chilled enough, so we called 911 as it's the law in Ontario when you hit
a deer (for insurance purpose). The guy was really nice, said it will take
care of everything, call the towing and all.

So he called back 30 min. later, said he will report I hit a deer so I'm not
responsible (Ontario's responsible of keeping deers out of the road!), had
the towing ready to pick my car and asked me where I wanted to tow it. Since
I was not paying, I said "all the way to my prefered mechanics", something
like 70 miles from there.

Two days later, I'm going to my prefered mechanic. He tells me the insurance
went by and thinks about totaling the car. Of course, I said "NO WAY! I've
searched for this car for 18 month, and worse case scenario, all I need is a
hood and a 7A, probably just the head".

That's when he replied "Ur, I think you'll need more. They towed the car
with a two wheels dolly, parking brake off, but 1st gear in", and advised me
to agree with totaling the car because who knows the damage towing the car
this way have caused.

Conclusion, CQ totalled and the S-Bitch found my home.

Conclusion of the conclusion: Never leave a car alone with towing monkeys!


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Actually I was with Wylie Bean and the NCEURO crowd at City Brewery 
in Durham NC ;-0 (he said sheepishly)

AAA FINALLY got the car to my house at midnight, 5 HOURS after the 
original call.

AAA eventually contacting the towing company that the state police uses.
This was their THIRD Attempt.
AAA also sent him the wrong address, he went to the wrong town.

There was a snafu on the AAA dispatch side ( ya think?) - towing 
company that eventually showed up does NOT typically do AAA tows.
The driver showed up with 4 wheel dollies, and took considerable time 
and care to unload the car at out house as to NOT damage the bumper 
or front fender.

Kim tipped him $20 for his efforts.

Kim said that the car looks sad right now, with the passenger front 
wheel flopped over.

Kim was clear from the outset that she had an AWD car with a broken tie rod.

I'm NOT happy. The AAA district manager will be hearing from me shortly.

Will order a set of complete tie rods today and hope the carnage is limited.

As to the Mrs automotive savvy, she re assemble and repacked an outer 
CV joint for my coupe a week before our wedding, broke a few nails in 
the process (only time she has ever had nails of course).

Now if I could get her to occasionally check the fuel level in her car!


At 08:47 PM 10/2/2007 -0700, Matt twentyV wrote:
>Hey I'm impressed she knew it was a tie-rod.
>But you better not have been sitting in front of an
>IPA at the Faultline brewery in Sunnyvale while this
>went down (pun intended)... cause you know I'd be
>pissed for not inviting me!!

-Peter Schulz
Chelmsford Ma, USA

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