[s-cars] Follow up...Re: How many AAA ramp trucks does it take...

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Thu Oct 4 06:52:50 PDT 2007


When you mentioned the difficulty moving the vehicle onto the  
rollback and the observation that the wheel appeared retracted in the  
wheel well, I
was suspicious of some suspension failure other than the tie rod end,  
but felt it was premature to make assumptions from 1000 miles away.

It's amazing we haven't heard of more similar occurrences with this  
design.  I agree that the temptation to reuse the bolt on someone's  
prior work most
likely played a part.  Since the dealer usually does not have a  
supply in stock, I sourced mine from McMaster-Carr so I have  
replacements readily available.


On Oct 3, 2007, at 6:56 PM, Peter Schulz wrote:

> Mike Sylvester did me the big favor of checking the state of the  
> wagon for me today.
> Evidently the strut assembly worked its way off the ball joint or  
> vice versa - and the outer CV joint pulled off the passenger  
> halfshaft....
> I'll know more when I actually get to see the carnage, but it seems  
> that the ball joint pinch bolt either failed or the strut was  
> worked on and the ball joint was not properly set and tightened.
> ..I'll be purchasing a number of bolts shortly to replace the  
> driver's side and passenger side pinch bolts.
> -Peter
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>> > To tow my wife's S6 wagon with a broken tie rod????
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