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paul at sfest.us paul at sfest.us
Thu Oct 4 07:35:55 PDT 2007

Ian hugslapped:

<<<No harm meant by you, obviously, and no offense taken, so please
don't take this as anything even remotely approaching a flame, just a
polite request to keep the NAC posts somewhat less substantive
<grin>. Sort of in the PaulieK vein.

-Ian Duff.>>>

Errrr, I resemble that remark.  I think.  Tho, hmmm...  I'm left unsure if
that's a compliment...  an insult... or both.


Fret not Ian...  only feeds the lions!  8-)  Didn't you read the sign on the

Agreed tho, man, politics and religion - keep it the arf outta here, and away
for me, *certainly*.  Grassyass Brian!

-Paul decontented K.

ps.  beware "baloney at sfest.us" - what has the world come to???

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