[s-cars] Where for art thou, euro light harness?

Steve Voit stevevoit at comcast.net
Thu Oct 4 09:48:21 PDT 2007

Fellow listers:

I'm, like, 5 years behind the flow here and only now installing euro
headlamps I've had Rossoto'd.  Does anyone have a source for a plug 'n play
wire harness?  Blau used to sell them but alas, they're out of that
business, with no old stock available.  Absent the harness, any DIY
information is helpful (especially w/r/t connector P/N and source).   Or any
other non-political or non-religious thoughts  - chime in!


I have been given advice to sell the euro lights and just swap lenses and
put HID into the original housing.  I may very well do that, but first want
to know my options with the original path.

Steve, thinkin' I'll decide to go RS2 once that stuff is NLA, V.

95.5 S6  //Seattle

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