[s-cars] Off topic but not religious, etc.

Mark Pollan mark.pollan at verizonbusiness.com
Thu Oct 4 10:05:38 PDT 2007

Thanks guys.  I don't recall this occurring prior to the sale.  Or maybe I
just don't recall most everything from more than a week ago - dunno.


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Mark Pollan wrote:
> I seem to be unable to get to the Audiworld Forums.  I can get to
> but not to the forums.  Anybody else?  Wondering if it is the site or
> whether big-brother changed a setting on my laptop.

	I am experiencing the same thing.  Was able to browse the forums
night (and was, until late in the night), but am not able to access them 

	Still unable to locate a trailer hitch, looks like fabrication

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