[s-cars] Alarm has killed the ignition - can't start/move the car - NEVERMIND!

McCall, Randy rmccall at nexant.com
Thu Oct 4 16:00:34 PDT 2007

Answered my own question- searched the AW forums and saw something about
using the hatch to unlock all doors - the hatch lock more or less
survived the crash, and shut the alarm down!  Car is now indoors resting
before "organ donor surgery" in what's shaping up to be an early winter
rainy season in Oregon....



> Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 14:23:21 -0700
> From: "McCall, Randy" <rmccall at nexant.com>
> Subject: [s-cars] Alarm has killed the ignition - can't start/move the
> 	wrecked Avant - bypass ideas?
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> I knocked the sheet metal enough out of the way of the rear wheel so I
> could install the mostly deflated donut spare; doing so 
> allows the wheel
> to turn so I can move my rear ended 95.5 S6 Avant indoors to begin
> parting out.  However, the alarm has now demonstrated its 
> abilities and
> disabled the ignition - turning the key in the drivers door lock does
> not disable it either....  Seems like its doing exactly what its
> supposed to do, but I need to disable the alarm lockout of 
> the ignition
> - any ideas how to do so?  Tried removing battery cable and alarm fuse
> A3 in the engine compartment's fuse/relay box - no change in 
> status.  I
> was able to start the car yesterday morning, but was screwin' around
> seeing what still worked and did the wrong thing and tried to lock
> doors.  Only the drivers door locked (vacuum leak was evident from the
> sounds and fact that the rear hatch was pretty well crushed.  But, of
> course the alarm sure does work....)
> Thanks,
> -Randy
> Pair o' 95.5 S6 Avants, one perty, one not so much...

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