[s-cars] Tiptronic gearbox and others like it

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 16:00:40 PDT 2007

I know I'm going to get lambasted on the s-car list for this, but have any
of you driven other brands' slushbox cars lately?

I cannot stand the tiptronic in any Audi or VW product that I've driven,
incl. A8 (both generations), S4tt, A4 (all three generations), A6 (C5 and
C6), allroad, RS6.

The Volvo slushbox is just as bad as tiptronic- slow to shift, just plain

The MBZ slushbox in the W204 C-Class and W211 E-Class is phenomenally good-
very quick to shift, responsive and smooth. (Both the 5-speed and 7-speed

I have not driven any BMW slushboxes other than the X5 (1st gen.), which I
did not like at all, as bad as Tiptronic.

Infiniti slushbox is pretty lousy as well (G35, FX45).

I'm still considering a W211 E500 wagon- I can't find anything like it at
the price that they go for used (under $30k).

BMW E60 535xi Touring would be nice, with a 6-speed manual, but they're well
north of $60k and only available as '08s.

There is no comparable Audi (A6 is a slug, S4 Avant is too small although
manual transmissions are available, I don't like allroads).

Volvo stopped making Rs after '07, so there will be no new generation V70R,
which is a shame.

Saabs are just too ugly interior-wise to consider and the only interesting
one would be a 9-3X Aero Sportkombi, which I doubt will be available in
manual and a bit too small.

I'm also thinking G-Wagen, which is way out in left field.

Porsche Cayenne S is a possibility as well, if you can find one without the
problematic air suspension, which is a $6k+ repair if it goes.

Any thoughts from the collective?


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