[s-cars] Tiptronic gearbox and others like it

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Thu Oct 4 16:27:23 PDT 2007

I would have to 2nd Taka's kudo's for the MB 7-sp slushbox (never driven the
5sp). Got the
chance to try a couple at the C-drive event in NNJ. The gearbox was really
quite impressive.
I'd also have to agree, VAG slushboxes (except perhaps DSG) suck.

As for the Saab 9-3X, the rumors on the Saab lists is that all body styles
will have all
driveline choices. And, FWIW, the GM sourced slushboxes in the Saab 9-5 and
Saab 9-3 that I have been given as loaners are actually pretty good. Quick
to shift,
responsive manual shifted. Even the kickdown works pretty well. Too bad both


On 10/4/07, Taka Mizutani <t44tqtro at gmail.com> wrote:
> I know I'm going to get lambasted on the s-car list for this, but have any
> of you driven other brands' slushbox cars lately?
> I cannot stand the tiptronic in any Audi or VW product that I've driven,
> incl. A8 (both generations), S4tt, A4 (all three generations), A6 (C5 and
> C6), allroad, RS6.
> The Volvo slushbox is just as bad as tiptronic- slow to shift, just plain
> sucks.
> The MBZ slushbox in the W204 C-Class and W211 E-Class is phenomenally
> good-
> very quick to shift, responsive and smooth. (Both the 5-speed and 7-speed
> versions)
> I have not driven any BMW slushboxes other than the X5 (1st gen.), which I
> did not like at all, as bad as Tiptronic.
> Infiniti slushbox is pretty lousy as well (G35, FX45).
> I'm still considering a W211 E500 wagon- I can't find anything like it at
> the price that they go for used (under $30k).
> BMW E60 535xi Touring would be nice, with a 6-speed manual, but they're
> well
> north of $60k and only available as '08s.
> There is no comparable Audi (A6 is a slug, S4 Avant is too small although
> manual transmissions are available, I don't like allroads).
> Volvo stopped making Rs after '07, so there will be no new generation
> V70R,
> which is a shame.
> Saabs are just too ugly interior-wise to consider and the only interesting
> one would be a 9-3X Aero Sportkombi, which I doubt will be available in
> manual and a bit too small.
> I'm also thinking G-Wagen, which is way out in left field.
> Porsche Cayenne S is a possibility as well, if you can find one without
> the
> problematic air suspension, which is a $6k+ repair if it goes.
> Any thoughts from the collective?
> Taka
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