[s-cars] '03 //S8 and '02 //S6

matt ludwig. urs6avant at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 08:52:10 PDT 2007

not that i have an automatic or Triptonic, but i can attest 100% for  
Mark's comments in DC. it is hell and when compared to cities such as  
Philly, really there is no comparison.

i would though, 'rather' have a manual, but if i had to commute in DC  
traffic still- no way.


1995.5 S6 Avant
South Portland, Maine

On Oct 5, 2007, at 11:47 AM, Mark Pollan wrote:

> Difficult no Taka but certainly a PITA as far as I am concerned.   
> Rush hours
> in the DC area (Beltway and surrounding main arteries) will  
> regularly result
> in traveling 10 miles in one hour.  My bro and Mother live in the  
> burbs of
> Philly.  The traffic there is a far cry from DC.  My m'cycle does  
> not see
> the light of day during rush hours.  Is it difficult to ride my  
> bike in
> traffic?  Nope!  Is it a PITA?  You betcha.  Would I rather drive a  
> 5 or 6
> spd manual to work?  You betcha, but not under these "driving"  
> conditions.
> My $0.02 adjusted for DC traffic.
> Mark
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> Tiptronic sucks. S8s deserve a 6-speed manual. All those people  
> whining
> about how difficult it is to drive a manual transmission car in heavy
> traffic need to have a reality check. Try driving a 6-speed manual
> heavy-duty diesel truck with a worn clutch and a HEAVY clutch  
> pedal, crappy
> linkage and a 50lb. flywheel, that is warranted. Otherwise......
> As far as I can tell, MBZ sets the standard, currently, for how an  
> automatic
> should function. However, I have not driven the current LS 460 with  
> 8-speed.
> Taka
> On 10/5/07, Joe Pizzimenti <joe.pizzimenti at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Shifting is over-rated.  Might be worth it in an old beat up serged
>> Triumph,
>> but in an S8, the auto makes sense.
>> Joe, what the hell am i saying, i know this is going to cause a  
>> shitstorm,
>> Pizzo
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