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One of the things I like about this country is we are free (relatively
anyway) to disagree.  Let's agree to disagree and call it a draw.


Over and out,






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That's your take on the issue, I disagree.

I've driven in DC rush hour traffic (I-495 beltway and I-66) as well as NYC
rush hour traffic, many many times. I've never felt that it really was an
issue driving a manual transmission. 

I hate driving a manual transmission heavy-duty truck in traffic, though.
The clutch is too heavy and far too much shifting- I'm in 6th at 40mph.

I wouldn't drive a motorcycle in heavy traffic because I'd be afraid that
some idiot will either cut me off and cause me to crash or someone will
rear-end me. 

I've been stuck in a snowstorm and driven 1 mile in 3 hrs., still wasn't an
issue driving a manual other than that it was my old 5ktq and the car nearly
overheated doing that in sub-freezing weather and the battery died from
sitting that long. 


On 10/5/07, Mark Pollan <mark.pollan at verizonbusiness.com> wrote:

Difficult no Taka but certainly a PITA as far as I am concerned.  Rush hours
in the DC area (Beltway and surrounding main arteries) will regularly result
in traveling 10 miles in one hour.  My bro and Mother live in the burbs of 
Philly.  The traffic there is a far cry from DC.  My m'cycle does not see
the light of day during rush hours.  Is it difficult to ride my bike in
traffic?  Nope!  Is it a PITA?  You betcha.  Would I rather drive a 5 or 6 
spd manual to work?  You betcha, but not under these "driving" conditions.

My $0.02 adjusted for DC traffic.


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Tiptronic sucks. S8s deserve a 6-speed manual. All those people whining 
about how difficult it is to drive a manual transmission car in heavy
traffic need to have a reality check. Try driving a 6-speed manual
heavy-duty diesel truck with a worn clutch and a HEAVY clutch pedal, crappy 
linkage and a 50lb. flywheel, that is warranted. Otherwise......

As far as I can tell, MBZ sets the standard, currently, for how an automatic
should function. However, I have not driven the current LS 460 with 8-speed.


On 10/5/07, Joe Pizzimenti <joe.pizzimenti at gmail.com> wrote:
> Shifting is over-rated.  Might be worth it in an old beat up serged
> Triumph,
> but in an S8, the auto makes sense.
> Joe, what the hell am i saying, i know this is going to cause a shitstorm,
> Pizzo
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