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Do you know how to read the specs part of the listing?  I know the  
bolt is
a M10x 1.0x50 grade 10.9 from the original bolt, but I don't know  
what the
24 stands for or what pitch is standard on each bolt size or when it is
specified because it is not standard, i.e. fine pitch thread.

Our local Ace hardware has a fair supply of metric bolts including  
hardness, shouldered, and various pitch threads.

If you wind up at the dealer, Peter, the part #'s are N 034 778 4 for  
bolt and
N 102 861 02 for nut.  Prices are pretty similar for small quantities.

The bolt included in the Rueville wheel bearing kit from AutohausAZ is a
M10x1.0x45 which works as well.  I don't know but perhaps some German
aftermarket guy decided that 5 mm sticking out beyond the nut wasn't

Enough trivia, I was looking for some insight to apply to other fastener
parts in ETKA.


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> ETKA says M10x50x24.  Grade 10.9.  Get an M10 self locking nut too.
> Mark
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> Hoping to swing by an autoparts store on the way home from the
> airport this afternoon before it closes and pick up at least one bolt
> so I can repair the passenger front side suspension on the wife's
> avant (strut assembly pulled out of the ball joint, pinch bolt is
> STILL in the hub!)
> thanks
> -Peter
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