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I second Mark's comment:
- Pizzo will test drive your car and tell you that
Turbo/MAF/Manifolds/Injectors/Pistons/Rods/ECU/Exhaust/Brakes plus a few
other parts (the list should be limited to 4-5 pages max) _should_ be
upgraded, twice.
- Then Serge will test drive your car and make sure all the above mentioned
parts now _must_ be changed.
Then, from what I've heard, if you have the chance to seat in Pizzo's
Mitsubox (make sure the moon is blue, that's the only occasion when it's
running) you'll realize that, in fact, everything but the cigarette lighter
should be upgraded to be fast enough.

If you want to experience an uncontrolled slide on the slippery slope, it's
the best team you'll ever met, Pizzo pointing the next part to upgrade and
Serge making sure you have to change it. Your only hope then would be that
Hap keep up the pace when supplying the marketplace with
not-fast-enough-for-him parts.

If you prefer to approach the slippery slope at a more reasonable speed,
Taka and LL, both in NJ IIRC, make a safer team. Beside, they compete for
the living automotive encyclopedia title.


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So my stay in Baltimore was a short-lived 2 days thanks to my school
relocating me to The Mount Vernon Hospital in NY at the last minute.

Are there any NYC area get-togethers on the weekends or anything??

I also need a recommendation for an affordable shop or an
experienced S-lister who can help me out with a couple things on my S6.

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