[s-cars] How to remove turbo?

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 6 00:17:15 PDT 2007

it's much easier if you remove the wastegate and the corrugated exhaust pipe.  those are pretty easy to remove - only 8 nuts total and they're all pretty easy to reach.  once that's done, you'll have more room to get at the nuts on the turbo.  i didn't have much trouble getting the turbo off.

that reminds me - i still have the stock k24 turbo sitting around.  what should i do with it?

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Trying to remove turbo without removing exhaust manifold, wastegate or downpipes.  Have gotten three of four hot side inlet to manifold bolts off & three of four hot side exhaust side bolts off.

The remaining two bolts are being a PITA.  Anyone got any hot tips on removal procedures?
Hot side inlet to manifold is top left bolt, its a 15mm bolt but a regular spanner nor socket can fit in their.  Have tried a slimmed down open end wrench but its getting hung up.
Hot side exhaust to downpipe is bottom right bolt 14mm, seems theirs a recess in the downpipe to facilitate a socket but i haven't had success getting a socket & knuckle into the small space.

If & when I get theses suckers off I'll keep you all posted on how to strip & rebuild a k24 turbo.  Might even throw on some k26 parts just for fun.


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