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In that case, how do I get in touch with Pizzo and Serge??  I think my turbo
is on it's last leg anyways, so maybe it's time for an upgrade anyhow.
Figures, right when I was about to sell the car something unexpected

What are the symptoms of bad turbo seals??


On 10/5/07, Vincent Frégeac <s.sikss at gmail.com> wrote:
> I second Mark's comment:
> - Pizzo will test drive your car and tell you that
> Turbo/MAF/Manifolds/Injectors/Pistons/Rods/ECU/Exhaust/Brakes plus a few
> other parts (the list should be limited to 4-5 pages max) _should_ be
> upgraded, twice.
> - Then Serge will test drive your car and make sure all the above
> mentioned
> parts now _must_ be changed.
> Then, from what I've heard, if you have the chance to seat in Pizzo's
> Mitsubox (make sure the moon is blue, that's the only occasion when it's
> running) you'll realize that, in fact, everything but the cigarette
> lighter
> should be upgraded to be fast enough.
> If you want to experience an uncontrolled slide on the slippery slope,
> it's
> the best team you'll ever met, Pizzo pointing the next part to upgrade and
> Serge making sure you have to change it. Your only hope then would be that
> Hap keep up the pace when supplying the marketplace with
> not-fast-enough-for-him parts.
> If you prefer to approach the slippery slope at a more reasonable speed,
> Taka and LL, both in NJ IIRC, make a safer team. Beside, they compete for
> the living automotive encyclopedia title.
> Vincent.
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> So my stay in Baltimore was a short-lived 2 days thanks to my school
> relocating me to The Mount Vernon Hospital in NY at the last minute.
> Are there any NYC area get-togethers on the weekends or anything??
> I also need a recommendation for an affordable shop or an
> experienced S-lister who can help me out with a couple things on my S6.
> Thanks,
> -A
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