[s-cars] Cracked Bumper Skin/Lowers

matt ludwig. urs6avant at gmail.com
Sat Oct 6 09:47:28 PDT 2007


Looks like the repair shop here in town I used for a number of  
repairs/replacement/stumble issue (both front H&Rs cracked in 3  
places, alignment, plugs, boots, re-peened time-cert, 2 POSs, brake  
lines replacement, lower & 1 upper control arms, suspen. bushings,  
and timing belt job) for my S6 Avant about 3 weeks ago did some  
front, lower bumper and valence damage and tried to cover it up/hide  
it. I feel like a complete moron as I would *always* notice this sort  
of thing right away, but i guess with getting married, a honeymoon,  
starting 2 new businesses, and my current client roster happy, it  
slipped by me..... until today.

Among other things, I *finally* had the KY recall done on my car (i  
swear it had been done years ago, but another check sporadically w/  
AoA proved that to be false) this week and the tech left a great, but  
curious note on my voicemail mentining that they saw "your front  
bumper is not secured and noted it on the ticket. just wanted to let  
you know, but we are sure you knew about this already...."

Me = very puzzled.

I go to pick my car up at dealership this morning (been there sitting  
since the recall was done on Tues.) and among *still* having the  
stumble issue said repair shop did not get sorted out and fixed, it  
drove fine. I get home and try to open hood to look at their repair  
work for KY recall and cannot get it done. No bother I think as I am  
taking it back to the repair shop on Monday anyway (not driving it  
until then & repair shop knows it is coming back in to fix, among  
other things, the driver-side turn signal assemby that flew off the  
car on I95 @ 85mph 30 minutes *after* i picked it up to go to my  
wedding week...FFS) and they can sort it out/open hood. But, as I am  
walking away from car backwards I notice the passenger side, lower  
bumper cracks in plastic.......all the paint missing.....and like 15  

Me = infuriated.

Of course it is Saturday and both dealership and repair shop are  
closed. Of course it is on lower, passenger side bumper/valence where  
i rarely look at or walk around. Of course it has been 3 weeks since  
i have spoken to any of them. Of course this is going to take ton of  
*my* time to sort out who is responsible/going to pay and fix/lying  
to me.

Sorry for the ramble, but my real question to you all who have had  
anything like this happen to you (cracked bumper/lowers w/ a cover up  
job) is this; What should I be looking for for a repair cost to all  
this? What is best tack to take with repair shop and my insurance (if  
at all)? I have ZERO issue presenting this to them, but tips would be  

Have a great Saturday everyone. : )


matt ludwig.

1995.5 S6 Avant
South Portland, Maine

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