[s-cars] Power Window No Workey

Manuel Sanchez manuelsanchez at starpower.net
Sat Oct 6 15:53:56 PDT 2007

I must have really pissed off the Audi-gods. Still sorting out my  
engine power problem and now my drivers side power window won't roll  
up. Now this wouldn't really be a problem if I could roll the car  
into my garage, but I don't have a garage.

Previous to this, I had all the windows down, all the doors unlocked  
and I disconnected the battery. After cleaning the terminals and  
checking the battery, I re-connected everything(30 minutes later or  
so). Enter the radio code and went out for a spirited test drive.  
Hour or so later I go to button up the car and I can close all the  
windows except the drivers side.

It tries to go up for a split second, then it reverses itself. If I  
try to raise it again nothing happens, no motor noise. I have to  
seemingly reset something by turning the car to the off position and  
then back to the on position with the key.  I then get one crack at  
it, but no luck.

Is there some sort of sensor that stops the windows from rolling up  
if there is too much resistance found, like your mother in laws head  
between the glass and the frame (not that I would know anything about  

Any BTDT's?

Tricks to removing the door panel for a lookey see?

Ignition switch is about a year old, and it was replaced with a  
genuine Audi part.


-Manny (1 mile from the Washington DC Border, and yes the traffic  
blows. I coped by getting a job 2 miles from home) The Audi Gods are  
really pissin' on my parade" Sanchez

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