[s-cars] Power Window - Now it Workey

Manuel Sanchez manuelsanchez at starpower.net
Sat Oct 6 17:32:02 PDT 2007

With nothing to lose I disconnected the battery again, went out to  
the chicken coop, sacrificed one to the Audi-gods (actually it was  
one of my kids gummy bears that I found under the rear seat, but it's  
the thought that counts), danced around a fire neked (hoping that  
would scare the demons outta the car) and went in to read the bentley  
over some cold pizza.

After reading all the trim removal procedures, and resigning myself  
that I was going to misplace at least one of those itty bitty screws  
tomorrow I dragged my sorry arse out to the car, flashlight in hand  
(the light fading every second as the battery for the flashlight is  
about dead), reconnected the battery, started her up and it went up  
(it being the window, and come to think of it Mr Happy too)!

Must have been the chicken sacrifice that did it, now where's my wife?

-Manny (now with the power of up-age)

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