[s-cars] Mudflaps

Mark Pollan mark.pollan at verizonbusiness.com
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Hi Ron:

I bought a set for the front and a set for the rear (same part number).
Indeed they were specd for the A6 but front fitment is dead balls perfect.
That said, I never installed the "rear" flaps which are actually front
flaps.  The Part number on that packaging is 4A0075110A.  They are currently
listed for $53.48 at WorldImpex.com.  Make me an offer if you want mine.



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S folks,

Anyone have a part number for the mudflaps that fit the S4/S6?  I think I
remember these were an A6 fitment, but could be modified slightly to fit the

I remember this topic causing quite a s-storm about why you would want to
have these, but lets just say that Colorado likes to use small boulders for
road traction "sand".

Any help appreciated.

Ron Kirkham
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