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Here's another article on the trip.



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Driving w/ NVGs, maybe, you'll need IR headlamps if you want to do it right.
I think just being able to turn off your taillights would make it awfully
hard to follow someone.

Bentley Flying Spur is too big of a radar target- I'd want something with a
CF/Kevlar body
and a small cross-section to minimize radar- F40? You can probably get an
F40LM gas tank to make
the range reasonable.

Why do you need two-way radios?

However, you do need one of those police scanners with the ability to track
a transmission and hop frequencies accordingly- don't know
the terminology for that. Uniden does make one that does that.

Ducking behind trucks is SOP- doesn't everyone do that? :-)


> Ah Bill,
> I truly enjoy reading this insanity thinking I'm glad it's HIS license
> at stake, not mine.
> Cool trick, ducking for cover adjacent to a Sem-eye !
> I also read a recent drive from NYC to Miami, this driver and his
> co-pilot
> Rocketing down in a Bentley Flying Spur, Can't find it fast to post
> here..
> Navigating with night vision goggles, radar, lidar, scanners, 2 way
> encrypted radios, and double everything in case one goes Poof.
> and flat out driving stuff.
> Me?  I'm just eatin' the pop-Kahn, in Bahh-stin.
> Jeff
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