[s-cars] Euro xenon HID headlights

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Wed Oct 17 21:06:33 PDT 2007

Asking these sellers questions is like peeing into the wind--the  
results are
predictable and totally unusable.

That said, it looks like a reasonable investment if you need better  
lights, given the
cost of a HID kit (from the same place) and new lenses and labor to  
clean up your
headlight assembly to make proper use of the better light source.  My  
guess is that
the S6 application is a safe bet, but that is only a guess.  I  
generally reject any
China source parts for the S6, but lighting is an exception for me,  
as I have DUPO
corners and Andy Chui HID kits.  Euro style may be a better  
description but they
may well be manufactured to e-light specifications and TUV certified.

There was a concern about heat handling, but the HID lights do not  
produce the
high heat associated with 100w euro halogen lights.  There are no all  
metal euros
produced any more anyway.  The assembly is the same world wide, with  
lenses for the US and different bulb holders for URS models.   Once  
you open up
the DOT models to try to clean the thin film reflector and expend the  
effort required
for the rest of the clean-up and glass change you will have less  
concern about the
manufacturing quality.  The euro lights are exactly the same, the  
glass just comes
off easier.

We are bound to see more and more parts from China given the expanded  
list Audi is manufacturing at the Chungching plant.

This assumes you are buying at the bid in price, I wouldn't be  
bidding up the auction
for these.

There are also auctions selling the 2X2 to OBD connector for  
diagnostics for $4.95.
It's a good VAG 1551/2 knock-off.


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> *http://tinyurl.com/2pm7yo*
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> *ebay item # 140168560069*
> **
> *anybody know if these would be a plug and play application for a  
> 95 S6?
> Not much information on the auction page, so not too sure. *
> **
> *I know I could do the McCullough HID kit for much less, but if this
> solution could work, I might consider it as it would be more  
> "stock", and
> maybe more reliable?*
> **
> *Any input appreciated.*
> **
> *Ron

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