[s-cars] neu to me Winter wheels

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<<<Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 20:58:01 -0500
From: "bill mahoney" <airbil at gmail.com>
Subject: [s-cars] neu to me Winter wheels

Ebay score ~
Not cheap but love the offset and it's kind of like getting a new car.
Anyone interested in the yoko tires shown here?
I will also have five, generally NLA, cup one(mille miglia replica)
wheels available...
One is bent but "prolly" repairable.  The other four are rated very
serviceable and cheap.. dunno
Like these but not P car center caps.
Hey wait is this a commercial?
Email me off list if interested in any of this.. otherwise I'm
shipping to Rossato.
Bill~awaiting the grape harvest~M>>>

Bill...  couldjya have picked a heavier wheel maybe???  Thoughts:

1) Who says a car has to be running to need new wheels, and, B) Why ya
pitching them ohsocool Cups???  Love them on yer Avant!  Guess it's just
time for a change, like underwear.  Oh yeah, I'm forgetting yer now part
of that "Fargin Sneaky Bastige" club of those running CH's (fave wheel
evah).  You rat.  So these are new snows.  17" snows - why not?
Diminutive compared to Alumibitch's forthcoming 245/45/18 Wintersport
M3s right?

And, III) these must be them ohsosupertopsecret Compression Enhancing
Winter Wheelz?

Well, happy Porky Pig Avus'ing...  they sure do look nice on there!
Loved mine.  Gigantic "Bwha!" to the seller's point of them being
"lighter than S4 wheels" - um yeah sure.  26lbs. per is "light" yeah.

And, here's to expedient grape ripening for ya there.  Go Oregon!
Bwd'oh!  These winter wheels must be for next winter...

-Paul keep yer "other" (you know) comments to yerself until it's proper
time K.

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