[s-cars] RS6 - oh shit, there goes the neighborhood

Postupack, Jeff Jeff.Postupack at analog.com
Thu Oct 18 11:15:39 PDT 2007

Paulie, wailin' on Brian's 'fleet' once again..!@

"46k, Daytona Grey (scha_WING!), light grey interior with black piping,
RNS-E (boing!), sound exhaust, new PS2's (not PlayStation) - think
lowlow $40k's. Wow. And here my @&*^&*!# money tree has yet to take root
and yield doughrayme - dammit! "

Ya know?  I for one really enjoy these posts about next choices over at
(I presume) CoventryMotorcars.

Is there some easy way to see the 'fleet'  ?  Paul?

Of course having seen an RS6 at S Fest's gotta say it's one hell of an
uBer cruiser.
I'm NOT going to compare it to anything 'light' because it's a perf
sedan.. And heavy, stable, 
Fast, (not sure how quick) and gorgeous.. At least so I think, that
design is tough and muscular.

My trouble is, needless to say the POSSIBILITY
Of being nabbed for excess velocity  , oy!    So easy in that sled..
Better off living with THAT
Out in Montana.

And maintaining it after the warranty expires?

Limited parts, exotic repair procedures, I dunno.can we get that covered
Mr Mendel?? 

But DO tell us, about romping the RS6 and the 'fleet' eh?


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