[s-cars] RS6 - oh shit, there goes the neighborhood

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Thu Oct 18 12:40:56 PDT 2007

Posto wondered:

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From: "Postupack, Jeff" <Jeff.Postupack at analog.com>
Subject: [s-cars] RS6 - oh shit, there goes the neighborhood

Paulie, wailin' on Brian's 'fleet' once again..!@

Ya know?  I for one really enjoy these posts about next choices over at
(I presume) CoventryMotorcars.

Is there some easy way to see the 'fleet'  ?  Paul?

Of course having seen an RS6 at S Fest's gotta say it's one hell of an
uBer cruiser.
I'm NOT going to compare it to anything 'light' because it's a perf
sedan.. And heavy, stable, 
Fast, (not sure how quick) and gorgeous.. At least so I think, that
design is tough and muscular.

My trouble is, needless to say the POSSIBILITY
Of being nabbed for excess velocity  , oy!    So easy in that sled..
Better off living with THAT
Out in Montana.

And maintaining it after the warranty expires?

Limited parts, exotic repair procedures, I dunno.can we get that covered
Mr Mendel?? 

But DO tell us, about romping the RS6 and the 'fleet' eh?


D'oh sorry for the blank send folks!

Yep, that'd be the place, CMC.  

Easy way to see the fleet?  Dunno if it's updated but the site is
www.coventrymotorcar.com.  Or just live 7.8 miles down the street and
have him be friend enough to chuck you the keys to whatever whenever for
whatever (pronounced:  JNR MUWhahahaha) - or something.

Needless to say I'm *VERY MUCH* looking forward to the romp, been a way
too long time coming.  BTW, this one's Audi CPO'd to 100k no less-
schwingschwing!  And same color as the one he brought to //SFest2005,
different car but same fantabutastic color.  The color of the road, my
fave.  Someone oh someone step up for this gem.

The plan is for him to pick me up in it to go pick up my latest mod to
the //S8...  d'oh oh what have I done.  

I'll assuredly report back if the session materializes tonight, as well
as with my extreme measures to add power / reduce weight to Alumibitch.

-Paul banging head against wall K.

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